Enhanced strength and performance training

Strength Training

Many of today's athletes don't capitalize on all components of training (i.e., flexibility, power, speed, endurance, recovery, nutrition). In fact, typical training programs focus on developing strength and muscle size rather than making the athlete better prepared for the demands of their particular sport. A la carte training programs often lead to less than optimal results for both the athlete and the overall team's performance. A successful training program translates into Enhanced Strength & Performance.

Benefits of the ESP Coach:

Enhanced Strength and Performance (ESP) training focuses on all of the requirements necessary for an athlete to be successful in their specific sport. Instead of following a cookie-cutter approach to training, as many programs do, it is better to focus on the individual needs of the athlete in relation to their sport. This ensures continuity throughout the entire year, not just through the sports season. Unlike many weight room situations where athletes are "supervised" and received very little instruction, an ESP program provides a hands on approach. The strength coach is actively monitoring and interacting with the athlete to ensure compliance to the program guaranteeing they make gains and reach their specific goals.

There are few special athletes that have been able to unlock the secrets of building strength, endurance and explosive power in a relatively short period of time. One such athlete, in his quest for becoming the most accomplished power lifter in the three lifts (squat, bench, and dead lift); has squatted 1200 pounds, benched 805 and totaled 2510 in competition using the Enhanced Strength and Performance approach. He has been able to apply his training methods across the board working with elite athletes all over the world. Strongmen, Olympic lifters, track and field athletes, wrestlers, football players, and bodybuilders have all benefited from such knowledge and expertise in the strength and conditioning field. And now this approach is being brought to the High School athlete. Don't miss out; take advantage of this opportunity when available to propel your team to the next level of performance.

Enhanced Strength and Performance training provides numerous benefits, such as a year round training program, cutting edge sports specific exercise protocol, results oriented functional movements, focus on sports specific skill training, and recovery and nutritional support.

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